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Australia – Indonesia Businesswomen’s Network stands for AIBN was formed in 2010 (formerly registered as EQ .


EQ’S name arises from the Equator, which passes through Indonesia. EQ was originally founded in 2010 as the body for Australian-Indonesian business & professional women. EQ forum was introduced and through a series of workshop and networking events, succeeded in raising the profile of women within the membership, providing business and industry education, valuable networking and opportunities for mentoring.


The friendly, non-threatening environment has attracted many Australian-Indonesian women to engage with EQ and along with new skills and business contacts, with some valuable friendships being developed.


The organisation is a key provider of information and professional networks. It is a non-government organisations  and an initiative of the number of Indonesian women living in Australia, whom engaged in the business sectors as individuals at a professional level and their significant contribution to the success of our member organisations, both large and small.


Recently they re-branding and registered  as s AIBN


AIBN is the body for Australian-Indonesian Business and Professional Women, is a not-for-profit, independent, membership based Australian organisation


AIBN aligns women to connect and share knowledge, eventually opening opportunities for mentoring.  AIBN brings together Australian-Indonesian corporations, businesses, and organizations headed by women.


Specifically, our focus has been to bring together women who seek to expand their companies, their businesses, their enterprises and networks.

Our Vision

• Inspire, supports, enhances, promotes, and rewards women with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Mission

• To support the needs of various industries and `{`Indonesian & Australian `}` members by facilitating Australia-Indonesia trade and investment relations and by supporting policies that benefit Western Australia and Indonesia
• To promote and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in women
• To strengthen and embolden women to become key players and contributors in community development, in the workforce, and in the economy
• To increase participation of women in international trade

Who Are AIBN Members

Indonesian origin and Australian businesswomen, despite their ‘not so favourable’ backgrounds possess a wide range of skills, demonstrate the capacity and resources aims to establish networks of likeminded people in relaxed, non- traditional environments.


Businesses that are owned , lead and/or operated by women, with majority shareholder.

AIBN for the support of women operators

For over 6 years, Indonesian origin businesswomen & corporations have trusted AIBN as a major part of their team


AIBN has equipped them in many ways on how to approach and address the steps/stages and the challenges associated with business start-up, management, and growth. Raising the profile of women within the membership


Yes, we do and will cheer them on, but we do more. We open doors to resources and programs that build confidence in women operators

Why be an AIBN Member

To have access to numerous opportunities for business promotion, including member to member contact, and exposure through various media.


AIBN members gain insight and learn new strategies from other members

Reasons for AIBN membership are many

• Support businesses that are owned and/or operated by women to take their products/services to the world.
• Unify women business owners and operators by facilitating the promotion of their products and services on a platform that stretches across transnational borders.
• To develop long-term working relationship with government body and to bring together women involved in the community and international trade and its trading partners to help them develop sustainable business.
• AIBN is a transnational association of women entrepreneurs. It arranges and organises international meetings and conferences for women entrepreneurship.

How AIBN Makes A Difference To Their Business

• Provides wonderful opportunities for women to share and exchange ideas, to give insight and understanding, to share relevant articles and news on issues that impact businesses, to share talents and enrich relationships. Through all these, learning, growth, and new ideas will emerge, relationships will be forged
• Hosts informative events with expert presenters and discussions on various aspects of business fields for women and prepares them to meet the challenges in the operation and growth of their enterprises.

Business – Owners Benefit

First, while we do value and help our community, Participation in AIBN events and forums that presenting insight and up-to-date information, sound forecasts, and tons of inspiration. Among member they offering a variety of professional events, realising that big potential, also inspired by the success other Indonesian businesswomen internationally.


Language and skills are important if you want to be successful in Indonesia. A common cross cultural barrier in business communication is of course, language.

AIBN in Partnership with several independent Indonesian culture & language institutions provides Indonesian language & culture program for adults in different levels from beginners to advanced.


AIBN conducts regular programs dedicated to conserve and promote Indonesia’s art and cultural assets. All programs involve in-depth research with strong local cultural-based content supported by competent experts, researchers, artists, local resource-persons, and native communities who have all the capacities in the field of art and culture.

Programs include Cultural Trip series and Conservation Workshops: Around the Corner of a City, Land of Thousand Kings, Tales from Hidden Paradise, Life in the Archipelago, The Mask on Location, The Story of Batik Sketches, Year-End Batik Expedition, Spice Trails, The Art of Weaving.


Indonesia is experiencing exceptional growth that Australian companies should benefit from our next door location advantage, AIBN will be better informed to advise the best way to approach each and every issue keeping in mind the sensitivity that surrounds all negotiations within the culture of Indonesia in varying circumstances .

On another level, AIBN provides a wide range of business consulting service, emphasise to build businesses between member through strong and positive relationships . Most of our consulting team each has decades of experience in various industry.

Hope we can contribute to Australian Company program by bringing more of the right people together and fostering key relationships with strong business outcomes.

Achieve your business goals and ambitions with AIBN Growth Services